Black Gangrene Productions is a label based in Portugal dedicated to the unveiling and supporting of high quality releases from the Black Metal Underground and obscure occult-based ambient music.

Forged in 2010, the label’s character has always been of commitment to artists and creations with a genuine devotion to the essence of Black Metal.

Upon a strong mindset of quality over quantity, Black Gangrene’s output has primarily been on the cassette format - also Vinyl and more recently CD - with a constant attitude of serious commitment to all the details in order to assure the absolute identity of such individualistic and artistic visions.

From the very first release onwards, Black Gangrene has been on the forefront of the contemporary Underground fields, from the Portuguese enigmatic ensemble of Mons Veneris, to the cryptic musical darkness from Obskuritatem, or the legendary opus of Vlad Tepes. The experience is precise and flawless, with its name being continually associated with the finest works of Underground Black Metal Art.

Black Gangrene’s current stature and determination is stronger than ever with the enhanced intents of steadily revealing the excellence of our most revered artform.