Please attend to the following terms:


Please send email with the items you want to purchase

and you will be replied with the availability confirmation and total cost.

Minimum order is 5€.


Paypal (with added fee) and bank transfers are accepted. 

If you choose to pay through bank transfer, make sure you pay all transaction costs.

Privacy Policy:

We are concerned about your privacy so we take it seriously

and under no circumstance your information will be shared with any third parties.

If you have any question please contact us.


All products are available to ship worldwide.

All orders will be shipped between 1 to 5 business days. All international orders will be sent using registered airmail, no exceptions. Priority airmail is not much cheaper than registered airmail, so this extra cost is totally worth it.

It will always be provided the registration number.

Black Gangrene has no responsability for any incident with the Postal Services delivery.


the registration number is correct;

the address is correct;

the postal services of your country failed to deliver;

You can always expect my collaboration to help and solve the problem, but I will take no liability for it.


the package is returned, you will have to pay the aditional postage cost;

the package is lost somehow, you will get your money back when the postal services pay their fine (it may not reach the total value of the order) and it may take some weeks to be completed.

Please place your order if you understand and accept these conditions.