SULPHURIC NIGHT - Arcane Monoliths of Triumphant Death


Compilation with all the discography of the Bosnian group on one CD. Sulphuric Night means Raw Black Metal, hateful, hostile, essential!


Sulphuric Night is definitely one of the most compelling names to originate from the endlessly creative Bosnian Underground scene. Through a series of releases showcasing a outstandingly austere and crude approach, it is utterly mesmerizing the way this horde casts absolute and intense darkness with its disturbing arrangements. Compiling material that was originally released in very limited quantities, Arcane Monoliths of Triumphant Death is a more than welcoming and comprehensive collection of a vault that goes back to 2013. Mastered directly from the original master tapes and perfectly prepared for the most captivating sonic experience, this assembly chronologically presents a distressing vault marked by eerily cruel riffs and ferocious rhythmic outbursts, insanely possessed vocals and a general suffocating atmosphere of vicious dread.

Proudly released by Black Gangrene Productions, "Arcane Monoliths of Triumphant Death" is an imperative acquisition for worshipers of the most hateful and perverse Raw Black Metal of today.