OBSKURITATEM - Pro Officio Mortuorum


Demented, obscure Black Metal and abyssic Dark Ambient landscapes.

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The alliance between Obskuritatem and Black Gangrene Productions extends beyond the basic band / label array of activities. It is a profound and solid connection based on loyalty, common vision, dedication and absolute worship to the spirit of underground Black Metal. 

This bond had an interesting development when a piece of music buried by time and dust was found on an old electronic correspondence between BGP and the Bosnian ghoul. With thoughts that such work was lost forever, Obskuritatem never had an afterthought about it... until now. Dating back to the origins of the band, this 18-minute composition is a perfect representation of the old days of Obskuritatem: demented, obscure Black Metal and abyssic Dark Ambient landscapes.

Black Gangrene hereby proudly presents “Pro Officium Mortuorum” on a pro-tape edition which hails the dark past and celebrates underground Black Metal in its most insidious and sinister form.