MONS VENERIS - Vastlands of My Decayed Realm - A Maelstrom for Suicide


Black Gangrene proudly presents one more Mons Veneris unparalleled release. This time on a CD version, here compiled are two Mons Veneris demos – “Vastlands of My Decayed Realm / A Maelstrom to Suicide” – and a bonus track.

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“Vastlands of My Deacyed Realm” was originally released in 2009 by Black Circle Propaganda on a tape edition. This sickening masterpiece congregates one of Mons Veneris purest forms of Black Metal art, infusing the right amount of instrumentalism to their noisy and disturbed sound essence also impacting on you with maniacal screeches abyssic derangement. Following this masterful opus is presented “A Maelstrom to Suicide”, a never released demo dated to 2005. This particular rendition’s intent is one of maddening reveries, incursing through a never ending despair. The suffocated sound, the dark ambient and eerie resonances that are perfectly balanced throughout the 5 littanies, portray fully the frenzy spiral of an anguished mind. Ultimately, brace yourself for intense, disturbed, suffocating Black Metal on its most raw and blatant form. The Serpent (A Sign of Satan), recorded in 2007 and kept afar, is a journey through majestic yet acrid aggression, splendidly deformed under absolute demoniacal aura. Here ensembled are 44 minutes of atrocious and highly experimental work, as you would expect from such an epitome as Mons Veneris. With an astounding layout, and the lyrics of “Vastlands of My Decayed Realm” included.

Released by Black Gangrene Productions.

Format: CD