Anguis Dei - Angeist (Gatefold DLP)

Hellish Orchestral Black Metal.
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Anguis Dei represents the extremity of Hellish Orchestral Black Metal, based on Satanism, Demonology and the True Primordial Black Metal tradition.
In MMXVII Anno Bastardi, the first EP “Ad Portas Serpentium” was unleashed, and finally in January MMXXI A. B., it shall be followed by the first full-length entitled “Angeist”.
The sect ANGUIS DEI consists of the following devotees:
– Adeptus Juno: Hæretical Strings & Darkestrations
– Adeptus Summum Algor: Blasting Rituals
– Adeptus U.:È.:Œ.: : Séance & Magitation

* Adeptus Hakuja seceded from the sect, after he contributed his Serpentine Strings on "Ad Portas Serpentium" and "Angeist".
Agios o Satanas.

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